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Creation of society


We take care of creating entity SA SàRL, or create own business name for companies:

- Check funds for share capital

- Choose a free name in Swiss RC

- Social purpose of SA / SàRL

- Status of the SA where SàRL





- We make available postal address for all correspondence

- We follow the mail administratively

- Provision of offices to go 




Our main activities are:

- Creation of companies 
- Provision of a director 
- Domiciliations 
- Provision of an office for working sessions, conferences, receiving customers. 
- Accounting (bookkeeping) of private and companies 
- Tax returns natural and legal persons 
- Optimization of the taxation of natural and legal persons 
- Administration (invoicing, quotes, wages on behalf of clients) 
- Family office and luxury concierge





We advise private clients, companies, in Switzerland or abroad in the following areas:

- Needs (access to property) investment in real estate property or business. 
- Type of rental or commercial return investment. 
- According to the type of investment creation of a holding company. 
- Mortgage with amortization life insurance or without. 
- Libor mortgage contracts, fixed rates, and short term medium and long term. 
- Fundraising for starting a business or a business recovery.



Family Office


- Investment and Purchase and Sale on behalf of the Family

- Extraordinary and ordinary payments for the Family Office

- maintenance / conciergerie: search vehicles, drivers, boats, rental properties


Real estate brokerage (buy-sell)


We treat each of our files in the utmost discretion.

We are looking for items for our clients according to a global investment budget defined with the customer. 

The client is accompanied throughout the purchase or sale (land, house, apartment, rental building or commercial and industrial craft and throughout the duration of a promotion.We also take care to have written acts or assignments of actions - promises of sale, by the notary and, assist the client at the conclusion / signature to the notary study.


Corporate Affairs


Our activities cover the valuation of a property, the development of a file and a sales strategy, advice on financing, administrative and notarial steps.


Contrary to what you might think, relocation does not exactly mean re-renting an apartment, but rather relocating in a new environment, in a new area.

Relocation activities focus on the advice, management, organization, assistance and support of individuals and companies.


Our services consist of: 


- organization and travel for the visit of the apartment,

- consolidation of your complete file and verification of each supporting document,

- filing of your file with the régie and negotiation with the owner,

- signing of the lease contract for signature,

- advice on bonding,

- RC insurance and other,

- start of GIS,

- explanation of the clauses of the lease contract,

- accompaniment at the state of the places of entry.




- Personalized assistance (monthly / annual fee) 
- Accompaniments for the choice of private schools - children 
- Concierge service in Switzerland, England, Italy and Spain

- Accompaniment in Real Estate & Movable Investments

Création de société
Family Office
Courtage Immobilier
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