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Creative expert

Creation of society


We take care of creating entity SA SàRL, or create own business name for companies:

- Check funds for share capital

- Choose a free name in Swiss RC

- Social purpose of SA / SàRL

- Status of the SA where SàRL





- We make available postal address for all correspondence

- We follow the mail administratively

- Provision of offices to go 




Our main activities are:

- Creation of companies 
- Provision of a director 
- Domiciliations 
- Provision of an office for working sessions, conferences, receiving customers. 
- Accounting (bookkeeping) of private and companies 
- Tax returns natural and legal persons 
- Optimization of the taxation of natural and legal persons 
- Administration (invoicing, quotes, wages on behalf of clients) 
- Family office and luxury concierge





We advise private clients, companies, in Switzerland or abroad in the following areas:

- Needs (access to property) investment in real estate property or business. 
- Type of rental or commercial return investment. 
- According to the type of investment creation of a holding company. 
- Mortgage with amortization life insurance or without. 
- Libor mortgage contracts, fixed rates, and short term medium and long term. 
- Fundraising for starting a business or a business recovery.



Family Office


- Investment and Purchase and Sale on behalf of the Family

- Extraordinary and ordinary payments for the Family Office

- maintenance / conciergerie: search vehicles, drivers, boats, rental properties


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